The new iTero – Plus series!

20+ years of expertise
to amplify your experience and capabilities.

The iTero Element Plus Series offers all of iTero’s digital capabilities in the power of one scan — with a plus.

Cutting-edge digital scanning performance that delivers a seamless scanning experience. The iTero Element Plus platform builds upon the success of the Element platform and takes your practice to the next level by enhancing digital adoption, productivity and the patient experience.

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Vi gennemgår i fællesskab alle trin fra digital scanning til færdig krone eller bro til cementering. Formålet er, at I skal have mulighed for at opleve, hvordan hele kæden fungerer.

iTero Element 5D Plus Cart

A powerhouse of capabilities

  • Integrated 3D intraoral camera
  • Comprehensive orthodontic workflows
  • Improved viewing angles - engineered for more treatment plan acceptance
  • Enhanced brightness & visualisation

iTero Element 5D Plus Mobile

Seamless scanning experience

  • Real In-office portability - no messy cables
  • VESA compatible mounting
  • Improved inter-office portability - Trolley case

Introducing the new iTero Element Plus Series

Stronger capabilities. Greater productivity.

The iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system brings:

  • Reimagined visualisation
  • Powerful new capabilities
  • 3D models, intraoral images, and aid in caries detection - all in one scan to maximize the productivity of your digital workflow

A powerhouse of capabilities:

  • Integrated 3D intraoral camera - get more out of one scan
  • Enhanced brightness & visualisation

State-of-the-art experience:

  • Our smoothest scanning experience so you can scan every patient at every appointment
  • Ergonomically designed to conform to you and how you work

Designed to deliver on your needs:

  • More freedom of movement with an 18% smaller footprint
  • Available in Mobile and Cart configurations

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