02 december 2020 Online

Digital Innovations Forum 2nd & 3rd December

Futureproofing your practice by embracing technology

Align Technology will be hosting their first ever online edition of our Digital Innovations Forum.

This will showcase our latest digital innovations and demonstrate how they can help you provide improved and more efficient treatment experiences for your practice but especially your patients.

Over the course of this unique online two-day event, we will:

Look at why the shift to digital is happening right now, why embracing digital technology is no longer optional but in fact, an essential part of a dynamic business, meeting patients’ needs and ever- increasing expectations and continually enhancing the experience and service you provide.

We’ll bring together some of the brightest minds in dentistry, innovation, and digitalisation, who will share their knowledge, experience, and provide easily actionable advice, so you can start applying what you learn immediately.

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2nd & 3rd December


Thursday: 16:30 – 20:00
Friday: 16:30 – 20:00


Keynote speaker: Prof. Bo Dahlbom

Keynote speaker: Prof. Bo Dahlbom

IT professor at the University of Gothenburg. Bo Dahlbom is a well-known debater and lecturer on the importance of digitalisation for business and society.


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